How Matters.News redefines the creator economy with its massively popular web 3 decentralized blogging platform

What is Matters.News?

Created out of an urgent need for open discussion and debate across the political spectrum in the wake of Hong Kong’s political protests, Matters.News began as a blockchain media experiment and testing ground to empower creators and artists in a public discussion space. Today, Matters.News has grown to:

  • An online web 3.0 publishing platforming that publishes 10,000 articles monthly from a community of 100,000 content writers
  • Massive readership with 6 million monthly page views from Chinese speakers globally
  • Integrated with LikeCoin: readers can “clap” which turns into LikeCoin that can be traded, transferred, or exchanged
  • Users can support writers with both fiat currency and cryptocurrency, open to anyone with a credit card
  • Content creators have a dedicated hub to build and monetize readership, including paywalls, broadcasting, and community space
  • Writers have been awarded as much as USD$2,000 per article
  • Powered by IPFS: this means the content is hashed with unique fingerprints and stored on peer-to-peer nodes rather than a central server, guaranteeing 24/7 accessibility, security, and inalterable content.
  • Truly empowers content creators to be independent through decentralization, complete control and later, content as NFTs for readers to crowdfund content
  • Completely open-sourced platform open to developers via GitHub
  • A team of journalists and cyber anarchists/engineers committed to user experience, quality content, and free speech rather than crypto-trends of the moment.

How Matters bring web 3.0 to life

Introducing Two NFT Projects: Traveloggers + Public Space Project

NFTs, which stands for Non-Fungible Tokens, are unique and non-interchangeable digital assets. If cryptocurrency is a store of value, then NFTs are a store of culture: photos, videos, and audio. Through blockchain technology, NFT establishes a public proof of ownership and has soared in value in recent months, with sales hitting $2.5 billion just during the first half of 2021.

Awards + Media Coverage

Matters.News has been covered in Columbia Journalism Review, Rest of World, Protocol and more. Matters.News also won the Google News Initiative Innovation Challenge Award 2020 and received Flagship Grant for the Web by Mozilla Foundation and Creative Commons & Coil. Here are some things the media has said about Matters:

Who is behind Matters Lab?

Matters.News began when veteran journalist, Annie Zhang Jieping, became concerned about the rapidly diminishing space for free speech in China and especially in Hong Kong. She was intrigued by the idea of a decentralized platform that is easy for anyone to use, and hard for authorities to censor. Launched during the height of the West’s blockchain media mania, Matter.News went on to become a successful blockchain publishing platform while other similar platforms gradually closed down. Today, together with co-founders Guo Liu based in Los Angeles and Beryl Liu based in Hong Kong, the mission of the team is to create a freer and fairer creator ecosystem through the next evolution of the Internet, Web3.

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Matters Lab

Matters Lab


Matters Lab was established in 2018, with the mission to create a freer and fairer creator ecosystem through the next evolution of the Internet, Web3.