Logbook 2.0: Write, Co-create & Transfer your works on the Blockchain

Logbook 2.0 launched in March 2022

Logbook 2.0 for Traveloggers has launched!
📜 Entrance of Logbook: https://logbook.matters.news/

The largest creator community in Web3 with more than 100,000 writers, Matters Lab issued ​​1,500 Traveloggers in November 2021. Traveloggers is the first NFT social media avatar to expand private ownership with collective creation. Thus, owners of these avatars will have access to the most revolutionary experiments in Matterverse.

Logbook 1.0 was launched in the same month last November as one of the benefits for Traveloggers holders. Each Travelogger avatar comes with a unique logbook, on which only the owner can record messages to a unique Logbook while owning the collective creation of all successive owners.
Logbook 1.0 is stored in the Museum of Logbook.

Now, Logbook has advanced to 2.0 with more features and a much cheaper gas fee for creators to unleash freely.

All Traveloggers holders can claim Logbook 2.0. Each Logbook is a minted NFT that can be sold and traded directly on OpenSea, and its cover changes Logbook every time whenever the content is modified.

What is Logbook 2.0?

1. Write on the Blockchain

From now on, you could write in your diary, photo, story, or anything you’d like to keep on the blockchain with Logbook.

While Logbook 1.0 is stored on the Ethereum; Traveloggers’ owners can claim and record logbook 2.0 on the Polygon, written with $MATIC, which means the gas fee will be greatly reduced. It is friendly for a variety of writing purposes. The user interface is also more convenient and intuitive.

2.Transfer & Co-creation

Logbook is part of the collective memory for whoever is invited to write. You could initiate a cocreation, pass on or gift it to the next creator, as long as they have a wallet address.

👉️ Here’s a guide to Logbook 2.0

How were Traveloggers born?

Far away in the Galaxy, a revolution led to a journey away from home. The Matterverse was born.

6 characters of Traveloggers

Every Travelogger in the Matterverse is co-created by the community of Matters Lab.

In October 2021, over 100 members of the Matters community participated in the co-creation of a serial origin story for Matterverse: what challenges did the galactic universe face? Why did Matterverse come into being? How can these people overcome their challenges and create a new paradigm? Where are we heading in the Matterverse? The story continues.

Traveloggers hold different elements based on the characteristics of Matters community users. They are categorized in Character, Ideology, and Race. Race refers to 6 basic characters, namely Gena, Lesya, Sasha, Valya, Yury, Zhenya, and they also have their own stories.

Each Travelogger is unique, with different values, philosophies, temperaments, and ways of thinking. Traveloggers is more than an NFT social media avatar, it is also an invitation from Matters Lab to experiment with creator economy models in the WEB 3 world, together we envision to create a freer, fairer creator ecosystem.

Interested in NFTs? Find our inaugural NFT collection, Traveloggers, on OpenSea here.

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Matters Lab was established in 2018, with the mission to create a freer and fairer creator ecosystem through the next evolution of the Internet, Web3.

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Matters Lab

Matters Lab

Matters Lab was established in 2018, with the mission to create a freer and fairer creator ecosystem through the next evolution of the Internet, Web3.

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