Matters Lab Jun-Jul 2022 Update|The Space Soaring High, Frontline Award Open Call for Season2

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3 min readJul 12, 2022


The last month of Q2 has been a fruitful journey for us, as we finally launched The Space and Frontline Award.

The overall crypto market is affected by the ‘Crypto Winter’, but at Matters Lab, we are positive because we believe Web3 brings possibilities far more than economic value. Matters Lab aims to create a sustainable ecosystem for all creators in the long run and believes it is time to deepen cultural value exchanges that will last eternally.

The last month of Q2 has been a fruitful journey for us, as we finally launched The Space: the world’s first large-scale NFT pixel art game governed by Radical Economics, and had the chance to showcase at Consensus 2022 with this latest project Powered by Matters Lab. We are also delighted to announce our partnership with Polygon and Polygon Studios.


  • Grow strong together with Matters Lab, Bounty program for both Matters.News and The Space are now open. We look forward to working with enthusiastic developers.

The Space

  • The Space published the whitepapers of $SPACE and the project announced the initial Airdrop for communities, and launched Fairdrop, with 4.3k+ addresses claimed $SPACE. Currently, 46K pixels are traded in total.
  • Consensus returned to in-person gathering this year in 2022, June 9–12th. Matters Lab showcased The Space project and befriended potential friends in Texas. Read our Recap from this annual crypto festival.


  • You may notice a new register flow, news feed redesigned for a better user experience. Wallet login to Matters.News is now upgraded.
  • We want to make your works on Matters.News more visible, thus improved SEO integration to out-stand qualitative works.
  • We released a new version of downvotes in comment areas.
  • Tags that enhance SEO search and categorizations have been sorted to consistency. Tags are now easier and clearer to use.
  • Knowing the users is one of the most precious things in product-making. We are grateful to have collected 190 users’ advice and are on the way to polishing Matters.News.

Partnerships and Ecosystem Collaborations

Community Growth

  • Core social media stats show how The Space is soaring high. With less than 2 months after launch, we’ve accumulated 1.9k followers on our Twitter account and 1.7k members joining The Space Discord.
  • Matters Lab Discord kicked off the SourceCred system to motivate members’ interaction, with a variety of prizes such as crypto, POAP, NFT, or future merchs under development. The second generation of Moderators has been selected by the community.
  • Aside from 1–2 weekly AMA on Matters Lab Discord, we’d also love to open the floor to include more trending topics. The first event on @MattersLab Twitter Space was successfully held to talk about the bear market.
  • In May 2022, the #NFT review encourages writings on NFT topics. Additionally, we’ve partnered with NFT critics mashbean collecting all articles about Web3 Creator Economy on the Tezos chain.
  • Are you a keen learner joining Matters Lab’s internal training Web3 Class on DC every Friday? Share and submit what you’ve learned from the class with us to earn community credits.


  • Matters Lab CTO Guo Liu was featured on Web3 influencer 寶博士’s popular podcast 寶博朋友說, in which they discussed the potential of NFT, Web3, and how a game like The Space applying Radical Economics could change the world.
  • Matters as a publishing ecosystem that empowers independent writers with multiple grants. Frontline Award, the first non-fiction fellowship in Asia, Season 1 successfully published in major media platforms like The Reporter, Initium Media, The News Lens, with a 2-day conference on Jun 11–12th to gather writers, editors, and publishing organizations. Currently, Season 2 is an open call for Chinese writers from all over the world.
  • Frontline Award Season 1 winners and Matters Lab CEO Jieping Zhang are invited on Newslab Podcast to share their views on Non-fiction writing.

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