Matters Lab Progress Update | 2022 APR


。Since January of 2022, Matters.News Supports Wallet Registration and Login, enjoy more adventures in Web3 experiments with us !

Logbook 2.0 has arrived. Please claim it if you own a Travelogger! Also, if you are a Traveloggers holder before March 21, we airdropped 0.5 MATIC to your wallet as gas fee subsidy. Enjoy any forms of creation now in Logbook 2.0. For those who haven’t owned a Traveloggers, it’s never too late: Traveloggers & Logbook collections are on OpenSea.

💡 If you wish to dive into the tech & design stories behind Logbook 2.0, read A Deep Dive Into Logbook Smart Contract by Matters’ product engineer Robert.

Landing page of the upcoming project The Space, a pixel map where players can tokenize, own, trade and color pixels, is now online. Follow us on Twitter @thespace2022 to get the latest updates.

。Documents Updates on Beginners’ Guide for Creators / for Readers on Matters.News.


。To encourage diverse applications on Logbook 2.0, Matters Lab provided a community fund with a total value of 3,000 MATIC to encourage the co-creation of Logbook. Within a week of its launch, over 25 themes were curated in Logbook libraries by the community, including 2022 Oracle, Ask about cryptocurrencies, The most important investment principles, The Diary of Drifting, Online Blockchain Magazine for Matters, etc. Initiate a co-creation now!

。If you’ve joined our Discord (now with more than 2.7k+ members!), you would know how bustling the community has been: Since the beginning of March, we’ve held 6 AMA sessions, with SCMP, SeeDAO, Vogue Taiwan Art Director Jeter CHOU, Poet ZhuxueDeren and Novelist Nadia HO, Matters Team sharing on Logbook 2.0, NFT collector Dobby and new media artist Yens. All the themes surrounding the community’s mutual interests in:

  1. Explorations & Experiments in Web3
  2. Go Girls in Web3
  3. Creator Economy
  4. Learn Web 3 Together

We are also sending out POAPs for active participants who publish AMA summaries afterward.

。How could a dynamic community survive without moderators? We are happy to announce that 3 moderators on Matters Lab discord have been selected! They are in charge of “Crypto”, “Web3 world”, and “NFT playground” respectively. Thanks to their contribution and support!

。Last but not least, Matters Lab as an open and inclusive work environment that values learning and growth, starting from 2022 February, we welcomed Matters’ community to join our internal team class on Web3 topics every Friday 11AM-12PM (UTC+8) on Discord. Topics include Social-Fi, DAO, Governance, Public chain, etc.


。2 NFT Whitelist Opportunities: Matters x 𝐄𝐥𝐲𝐬𝐢𝐮𝐦 𝐒𝐲𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐦 WEB3 Challenge, SCMP Artifacts x Matters.
Don’t miss out future chances, follow our Twitter accounts : @Mattersw3b [ENG] & @MattersLab [中文]

。In March, Matters’ upcoming project the Space has had 4 rounds of testing games with communities such as FABDAO, SEEDAO, BraveSeries RNFT, SnapFingersDAO with 500+ participants. Together we’ve witnessed so many creative minds and different forms of autonomous collaborations.

The Space x BraveSeries RNFT


Radical markets can work on blockchain. Our web3 experiment–The Space–shows how. The article highlights on how a radical Web3 social experiment could involve players to collaborate, create, and at times, confront each other in a world where rules are made without a central government and share the profits together. The article is shared by Simon de la Rouviere and author of Radical Market Glen Weyl.

。Articles published by Matters Lab are now on Coinmonks, a Non-profit Crypto educational publication.

。As always, every week we select high-quality writers and support them in Matters.News community. From March, the Gold Motor newsletters (金馬達基金) curated 5 themes, “Ways of Seeing War”, “International Women’s Day”, “Planting Trees to Have a Forest”, “Minorities Matter”, “Explorers in Web3”.

。To learn more about our team, working culture, or joining us?
👉️ One click to Matters’ LinkedIn.


The Space is on testnet ! Fill in your ETH address now to Sign-up for The Space Beta Test starting from Apr. 8, 2022. Active Testers in the Beta round are very likely to be selected into the whitelist for the official token airdrop. We will see you on the pixel map!

Learn more about Matters Lab:




Matters Lab was established in 2018, with the mission to create a freer and fairer creator ecosystem through the next evolution of the Internet, Web3.

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Matters Lab

Matters Lab

Matters Lab was established in 2018, with the mission to create a freer and fairer creator ecosystem through the next evolution of the Internet, Web3.

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